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Haddid Assad LSA is now being offered at a motivated sellers price.

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2014 EBC Auction Breeding - SOLD *Lebinon Al Shaqab (Alidaar X Lamia Al Shaqab) is a beautiful young bay stallion who is the last son of Alidaar on lease to Rancho Bulakenyo for the 2014 and 2015 breeding seasons. It was decided that he possessed the desirable conformation, athleticism, pigment, head type and large black eyes that would compliment the Rancho Bulakenyo breeding program. He will be bred to top daughters of Imperial Al Kamar, El Halimaar, Jabbaar El Halimaar MH, and Richter MH.

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We know not everyone can make it to The Egyptian Event, but some of the best keepsakes from The Egyptian Event are available for purchase from The Pyramid Society today!